Algonquin Bunk Bed

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  • Constructed with solid Red Pine

    • Rails are 1”X6” and ends are constructed with 1”X4”

  • Inspired by the arts and craft movement to create a stylish and functional piece, highlighting the natural beauty of the wood.

  • The bunk separates into two individual beds. The top bunk has removable front and rear guard rails so it can be made to look like a regular bed.

  • Detachable ladder that can be placed on either end of the bunk.

  • Available Accessories and Modifications

    • Under Bed Boxes

    • Single and Double Trundle Beds



Single/Single 82.5"W,43"D,74.5"H
Single/Double 82.5"W,58"D,74.5"H
Single/Queen 87.5"W,64"D,74.5"H
Double/Double 82.5"W,58"D,74.5"H
Double/Queen 87.5"W,64"D,74.5"H
Queen/Queen 87.5"W,58"D,74.5"H